Trouble NYC

With Trouble NYC, Aidan McCaul gives us a taste of what the future of underground streetwear could be (hopefully).

by Jeffrey Chen

Aidan McCaul is a 17-year-old from Brooklyn who runs Trouble NYC, his brand that he started just over two years ago. McCaul’s pieces are a breath of fresh air in the underground streetwear community. Rather than the heavy, bold graphic garments and uninspired motifs that have been dominating underground streetwear lately, Trouble NYC focuses instead on quality fabrics, cuts, and curiously simple graphic and embroidery work (see embroidery work below). Just as importantly, and something you don't see much of nowadays with the perpetual onslaught of hype, scarcity, and clout in streetwear, all his pieces are at fair prices and in most cases, available to purchase.



This balance between fashion experimentation and accessibility is exactly McCaul’s intention with Trouble NYC and, in his words, is his “balance between streetwear and high fashion”. Streetwear has always been for the people; streetwear is accessible, relatable, and for the everyday person. McCaul loves that aspect of streetwear and that type of person that it attracts.

What McCaul brings from high fashion is a willingness to experiment with different fabrics, cuts, and completely new concepts to create pieces that you'll be wanting to take a closer look at (see FLORAL UPHOLSTERY JACKET below). He channels that experimental high fashion energy into Trouble NYC and offers it to us at an accessible streetwear price and attitude so that the people can be a part of it.



McCaul has ambitious goals for 2021, including hosting his own runway show, expanding more into womenswear, and continuing to experiment with different high fashion techniques. Combine these goals with his humble and work-at-all-costs mentality, and McCaul is primed to make his mark in the fashion scene that is already having people take notice.


(SAVION x TROUBLE NYC hoodie, a piece that McCaul worked with his friend Savion on)





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