a beat tape by Sanjay Narayanan

by Jeffrey Chen

Sanjay Narayanan is a producer from Philadelphia who recently released States, his latest beat tape. At 12 minutes long, States is a brief, personal look into two distinct cultures that a second-generation Indian-American experiences. Taking samples from Carnatic music (a system of music commonly associated with southern India) and Bollywood, States clearly celebrates Sanjay’s Indian culture. Mix that celebration with Sanjay’s love for hip-hop, and you get a sound that delicately balances between these two parts of Sanjay’s culture, working surprisingly harmoniously.

States is available on Bandcamp now, with all proceeds donated to a social justice organization (which one TBD, likely the Bail Project) and the Against Malaria Foundation, and matched by 50%. States is also available on streaming platforms.

Sanjay is currently based out of New York. DM him up if you like his stuff, or want to work together.

INSTAGRAM: @sanjaynara_


  • Love this, dope stuff🤎🤎🤎

    Zero Tolerance Official -
  • this is dope man keep it up

    rob j -

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