by Jeffrey Chen

Sheldon Elliott is the man behind underground streetwear’s best kept secret, Dingbats-Font, and some of your favorite one-of-one paisley pieces you’ve likely seen on your Instagram explore. Elliott takes inconspicuous vintage garments and adds his signature flair on top of it. Various patterns, prints, symbols are used to create his loud, but equally subtle, one-of-one pieces.

DINGBATS-FONT x Lowheads Exclusive 1:1 Dunk Capsule

Elliott’s artwork is hard to describe, but like Kobe’s fadeaway, or Olajuwon’s dream shake, he has created his own highly distinctive style. Out of a lineup of various paisley-adorned garments, we’re sure that we could pick out Elliott’s piece in seconds.

And celebrities seemingly agree. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, PJ Washington, Jack Harlow, to name a few, are some of those who have reached out to Elliott for custom Dingbats-Font pieces.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Oklahoma City Thunder point guard, wearing custom DINGBATS-FONT tee.

What’s equally as impressive as his style are the vintage garments that he chooses as his canvas. Based out of Savannah, Georgia, Elliott enlists local vintage boutiques (@offthewave912) and resellers (@datboynez, @izzy.vtg) to find his next vintage project.

Elliott leans towards pieces that are more plain or inconspicuous. Highly touted streetwear items or brands are off-limits because he wants his artwork to do most of the talking - something that’s respectable in the fashion industry, which often seems content with riding the latest trends to make a quick buck.

Next year, Elliott hopes to grow his network of clients and supply them with his customs each time they get an itch for one. Close client relationships, like the one he has with Shai and others, is one of Elliott’s favorite parts of the job. Elliott has a loyal following, and it’s not through luck. He reciprocates the love that anyone shows him, and genuinely appreciates any type of support. You can feel it in your conversations with him and you can feel it in his craftsmanship.


Dingbats-Font is underground streetwear’s best kept secret, but we had to give you all just a little more info on what Elliott is up to with this project. Give him a follow on Instagram (@dingbats-font), and send him a message if you’re seeing anything you like on his feed.



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