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Jag Foam from KITOWARES

Lowheads has partnered with Kitowares to offer limited pairs of their iconic Jag Foam, exclusive to Lowheads.com 

The Jag Foams are priced at $98 and will be available until sold out. Limited stock.

Ship immediately.



Infinity Worldwide: F/W 2022



Up-cycled garments reworked into balloon-shaped hoodies with elastic strings, shape definition screen- and vinyl printings, deflector-shield inspired puffy sneakers, handwoven laces made in France, oversized military tie-dyed overlay pants, and sportswear-related accessories. Collection H - Delivery 1 - all out now - time is ticking…

A/W 2022 by ÅCD

New pieces from the ÅCD collection dropping weekly.

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    With Trouble NYC, Aidan McCaul gives us a taste of what the future of underground streetwear could be (hopefully).

    Aidan McCaul is a 17-year-old from Brooklyn who runs Trouble NYC, his brand that he started just over two years ago. McCaul’s pieces are a breath ...