Why Lowheads?

by Jeffrey Chen

Back in senior year high school, I was writing an essay for a college app. The prompt was something like “describe a significant problem in the world, and tell us your plans for fixing it”.

The problem I ended up outlining was that many people will probably spend most of their lives working on things that don’t align with their strengths and that they'll end up wasting their potential. Imagine Michael Jordan never picking up a basketball, and being like, a T-Mobile store assistant. What a waste.

What if everyone put on this universe worked on what they were most skilled at and passionate about, doing so with the proper support around them? We would have the best artists, the best doctors, the best rappers, the best chefs, the best everything. Sort of sounds impossible, but that would be crazy, yeah? In the essay, I think I concluded that a good start for a solution would be to create better systems that seek out talented people and support them in their endeavors.

My intent with Lowheads is for it to play a small part in that system. Lowheads supports and tells the stories of up-and-coming artists in hopes that it helps them continue working on what they are passionate about, whether it be streetwear, making clothes, producing music, filmmaking, hosting parties, anything. Check out our blog, The Come Up, to check out all of this content.

Support these up-and-coming businesses, and thanks for checking out the site.

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  • Hey, my name is Rosa, I’ve been making reworked clothing on my own. I’m in the San Francisco/bay area and was wondering if you have any resources here. I’ve been having trouble looking for other artists or fashion designers to work with, and I know they’re out there, I just haven’t found them yet
    Beyond that, my goal is to have my own clothing brand, and I’m confident in my ability as an artist. But do you have any tips on gaining an audience for my work and other aspects of running a brand?

    Rosa Maverick -

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