• (Specialty) Split Airbrush Sweatshirt
  • (Specialty) Split Airbrush Sweatshirt
  • (Specialty) Split Airbrush Sweatshirt


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(Specialty) Split Airbrush Sweatshirt

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Speciality Custom Airbrushed Sweatshirt


Your choosing. Pick your favorite TV cartoons, sports teams, colleges, cities, etc and we will reinterpret your selection through the CRMY design lens. 


Custom airbrush hoodies are presented on either tan or cement 14 oz heavyweight cotton. Right now, they are LA Apparel blanks until we finalize our own.

After purchasing, we will email you a questionnaire to fill out your desired colorway and what designs you would like featured. Please ensure you have an email attached to your account that you regularly check.

Or, you can send us an email with your desired colorway/specifics at:

To: heycrmystudios@gmail.com

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