Vendor Terms & Conditions

Vendor Terms & Conditions

As a vendor/seller on Lowheads, I agree to the following terms and conditions:


  • Vendors will be charged 13% commission on sale price from all orders through Lowheads.
  • Vendors will be paid out every Friday for all orders with confirmed delivery based on tracking information supplied by the vendor. Vendors will be emailed an invoice every weekly payout from Lowheads.
  • Vendors must receive payouts through Stripe if it is an available payment method in the vendor's location.
  • Lowheads will only pay out orders with confirmed deliveries based on tracking information supplied by the vendor.

Refunds & Fees

  • Vendors will be charged a $5 fee for any order that needs to be refunded due to vendor error (inaccurate inventory, shipping label errors, etc.).
  • Refunds will be issued to customers upon request for any products that are past the vendor’s listed fulfillment time.
  • Vendors are responsible for keeping their inventory up to date on Lowheads. For every vendor-initiated refund a 5$ fee will be charged.


  • Vendors will be credited for a $15 chargeback fee for any chargeback related to their order. If the chargeback is lost, the vendor will be charged the full amount for the chargeback.


  • Vendors will supply tracking information for all orders.

Size Swaps

  • Vendors are responsible for exchanging a customer’s size if the customer requests the swap within 10 days of delivery and the requested size/product is still available on the website.
  • Vendors must send the order within their listed fulfillment time beginning on the date that the returned item is received by the vendor.
  • Vendors are not responsible for completing the size exchange if the product arrives worn or damaged.
  • Lowheads will reimburse all shipping costs pertaining to size exchanges. Receipts must be provided to receive reimbursement.

Future Updates 

  • All future updates to these terms & conditions (to be stated by Lowheads). See below for when this document was last updated.


  • As a seller, I have the right to cancel my account at any time and for my products to be taken off the platform.
  • Lowheads reserves the right to terminate any brand from selling through our platform if they are consistently violating the above responsibilities.

*Last updated 07/26/22