Vendor Terms & Conditions

As a vendor/seller on Lowheads, I agree to the following terms and conditions:


  • Vendors will be charged 13% commission on sale price + shipping price from all orders through Lowheads.
  • Lowheads will only pay out orders with confirmed deliveries based on tracking information supplied by vendor.
  • As a vendor, I will be paid out every Sunday for any orders with confirmed delivery based on tracking information supplied by vendor. Vendor will be emailed an invoice every weekly payout from Lowheads.


  • Vendors will be credited for a $15 chargeback fee for any chargeback related to their order. If the chargeback is lost, the vendor will be charged the full amount for the chargeback.
  • Vendors will supply tracking information for all orders.


  • Vendors are responsible for managing inventory in Lowheads. For all vendor-initiated refunds, vendor will be charged the transaction fee for the order.

Future Updates

  • All future updates to these terms & conditions (to be stated by Lowheads). All future updates will be kept track of in this section.


  • As a seller, I have the right to cancel my account at any time and for my products to be taken off the platform
  • Lowheads reserves the right to terminate any brand from selling through our platform if they are consistently violating the above responsibilities.

*Last updated 11/21/21