Seller Terms & Conditions

As a brand and seller on Lowheads, I am responsible for:


- Matching the market price on all uploaded products.

Shipping & Inventory

- Accurately setting my own shipping fees through the seller platform (incorrect shipping setup and related fees will be at the seller's expense).

- Accurately setting my own eligible shipping countries through the seller platform (incorrect shipping setup and related fees will be at the seller's expense).

- Shipping orders to the customers in a timely manner.

- Incurring a $5 cost (sent as a coupon to the customer) if an order is canceled due to inventory unavailability or incorrect shipping configuration.


- As a seller, I will be paid out every Sunday for the entire previous week of sales. I understand that taxes, credit card fees (3% per transaction), and 10% commission will be deducted from this payout.

- 10% commission on all sales + shipping fees (post credit card fee subtotal).

Future Updates

- All future updates to these terms & conditions (to be stated by Lowheads). All future updates will be kept track of in this section.


- As a seller, I have the right to cancel my account at any time and for my products to be taken off the platform

Lowheads reserves the right to terminate any brand from selling through our platform if they are consistently violating the above responsibilities.

*Last updated 10/10/20