• The Fly Short Sleeve Front and Back
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  • The Fly Short Sleeve Back
  • Detailed and zoomed in photo of the front of the shirt, which features the main character vomiting fluid with a green border.
  • The Fly Short Sleeve Front
  • The Fly T-Shirt


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The Fly T-Shirt

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We print on 100% American grown cotton shirts. More info on the shirts and fit can be found on our sizing chart. Model is 5'9", 165#, wearing a Medium. This design created by the one and only @badboyincorporated

All prints are done by hand using only the highest quality inks with a discharge print method. Normal screen printing lays ink on top of a shirt, but discharge printing actually changes the color of the shirt fibers. This is a more time consuming process that requires precision, but results in a higher quality/slightly vintage look to the print, and a completely nonexistent hand-feel after the first wash.