Lowheads 1/1 Auction: Policies & FAQs

Lowheads 1/1 Auctions: Policies & FAQs


Please send all disputes, inquiries and questions to: support@lowheads.zendesk.com

Current Response time: 24-48 hours



Lowheads 1/1 auction is a weekly curated collection of handmade pieces that are one of a kind.

All auctions have a running timer that displays the amount of time to place a bid on the item. At the conclusion of timer, the customer with the highest bid is granted the purchase of the product.

Creating An Account : 

Bidders are required to have a Lowheads customer account. Signing up for an account is free and can be prompted by clicking "Place Bid" or by clicking here.

Bidders with existing accounts can login by opening the sidebar menu by click the two line at the top left corner of the screen and navigating to the bottom to find the "Login" button.


All bids placed are assigned to the account with which they were placed and no charges are issued until the winner of the auction has been determined. The highest bidder will be charged immediately at the conclusion of the auction.

If the highest bidder does not have a card on file, an invoice will be sent via email and the winner will be granted a 12 hour grace period to pay the charge. In the event the charge is not paid at the conclusion of the grace period, the bidder will receive a 60 day suspension on their account and the charges will be issued to the second highest bidder.


Unless noted otherwise, all listed auctions have a reserve price provided from the vendor that represents the minimum viable price that product is allowed to sell for. In the event that an auction does not meet its reserve, the charges will be immediately refunded to the winner of the auction unless a compromise can be found between the winner and the vendor of the product.

No fees will be issued to the winner in the event the reserve is not met.

Shipping & Return Policy:

All products listed for auction are in the possession of the Lowhead's warehouse and will be shipped out with 3 business days to the account associated with the account from which the auction was one. All U.S winners are shipped free of charge. All International winners will be charged a 45$ shipping and handling fee which must be payed before transit of the product is released.

All auctions are considered to be Final Sale at the point of sale.