Seller Setup Instructions


  1. Create a seller account using this link - <-- Bookmark this link, you will always use this link to log in to your seller account. If you have any questions regarding the Seller Terms & Conditions (found on the Create An Account page), please either email or message me.
  2. Wait for account approval.
  3. Once your account is approved, fill in all details under Profile --> My Account.
  4. Email or message me with how your shipping rates are currently setup. We are able to do flat rate shipping by weight and by zone. We will set up this shipping cost for you.
  5. (SKIP THIS STEP IF YOU ARE NOT SYNCING YOUR SHOPIFY STORE). If you are syncing your Shopify store with ours, please follow these video instructions on how to do so -
  6. Import your products if you are on Shopify sync. If not on Shopify sync, then manually upload each of your products under the "Products" tab in the seller dashboard.

Please email or message us if you have any questions with this process.