Vertical Studios

It's no secret that rampant materialism has led to some pretty gnarly social, global, and environmental consequences. Due to wildly unsustainable shipping and production practices, the fashion industry as a whole is considered the highest contributor to global carbon emissions. It also has a reputation of being involved with sweat shops, unlivable wages, and child labor around the world.

On top of that, with the rise of e-commerce profitability and ease of opening up a store front, it feels like everyone is out here swinging cheap t-shirts. Fast fashion corporations and small re-sellers are flooding the market with new products that lack quality today and lead to negative consequences tomorrow.

So, when I finally set out to start my own brand, I thought--there must be a way to creatively combat this trend and counteract our industry's contribution to waste.

That's how VRTCL STUDIOS was born. We are a brand that up-cycles thrifted products to create fresh and unique looks, while focusing on implementing best-in-class sustainable practices in every step of the production process. You can be sure each garment is hand made in the USA and a 1 of 1 unique style.

Because we don't think you should have to give up your fashion-forward taste to do good by the world and the people in it.

Thanks for supporting as we work to spread this mission and grow the community of people committed to revolutionizing this industry from the ground up.

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