The Villages draws its essence from an Afro-Caribbean tribe, uniting each of its members around a common bond, providing for the needs of their families.
The contribution of all is necessary for the good progress of the daily life of the group, the youngest feed on the experience and wisdom of the elders, in the hope that one day they too can, through their work, participate actively. to the life of the tribe.

Sometimes, some must move away from others to increase their chances of success, but the tribal imprint remains easily identifiable, by the language, the approach, the clothes. Even far from his original cocoon, a member of the group does not blend into the crowd.

It is through all this energy that The Villages was born, with the vision of creating a textile brand that reflects the life of Nomad, the life of a Tribe. The ear of wheat refers to the group's staple diet as well as its wealth. This is the signature that reinforce the identity of the brand. The clothes are designed to be comfortable and adaptable to all environments.

Halfway between streetwear and chic ready-to-wear, the brand is suitable for the mens, who every day do their best to feed their tribe.


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