My homage to where I came from. The Midwest raised me; Oklahoma felt like something I needed to get away from. Once I moved to California, I finally realized how important home was for me. My biggest inspiration was the work ethic of those that I encountered everyday in Oklahoma. From the Farmers to the Oil Field guys, I was moved to tell their story of hard work and dedication, through my eyes. My mother and father being my biggest inspirations, both taught me the value of hard work and respect. Through all of these experiences in my life, I have developed the narrative that speaks through the clothing in this collection. Midwest & Beyond is that story.

Pulling from my everyday life, living on a farm to living in a big city, I noticed one thing that remains constant; the mentality of a hard worker. Someone that goes out everyday with a mission and never settles. Coming from Oklahoma, I admired the similarities I have witnessed between the blue collar workers of Oklahoma and Los Angeles. My goal was to bridge the gap in this collection through clothing and to show the blue collar uniform in an elevated point of view. From the Studded work shorts to the Route 66 studded jersey, you can see the connection between blue collar workers and street culture. 

Designer and Founder, Breed is a young and upcoming designer and at the age of 22 he was able to design and develop his first full collection for Midwest & Beyond within a month. For the brand's first in person release, Breed had partnered with Los Angeles streetwear brand Market and had a booth for MWB where many items sold out. The reception so far has positioned Midwest & Beyond as the new upcoming American brand.

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