Lowheads Auction House

Lowheads hosts auctions with various artists, brands, collaborators, communities, charities, etc.


Current auction: Lowheads/lostboy

Pieces: Five 1/1 Jackets

Type: $2 Increment Bids Only

Start: Oct 14 3pm PST

Close: Oct 16 8pm PST

Lowheads/lostboy Auction Statement

Lostboy [LB] is a fashion design and art project based out Florida. Started in 2020, LB is a solo operation dedicated to mastering the techniques required to create quality cut-and-sew pieces. LB finds inspiration in spontaneous transactions outside of fashion and finds motivation in delivering something different in every new piece.

Lowheads partnered with LB to offer these five 1/1 jackets up for auction. The concept behind these five jackets was to capture different energy levels between chaotic and calm.