VAMEEE™️: The Natural

by Jeffrey Chen

“Once you let it flow like water, it’s really simple. It’s easy, you’re not going to be stressing.”

Have you ever met someone who’s doing exactly what they should be doing? Someone who is so naturally great at something, that of course that’s what they do and of course they are great at it.

In my experience, it’s rare to find these kinds of people. But with Cam, the man behind VAMEEE™️ (pronounced /vām/), I’m certain I found another person who fits this description.

Cam is a natural creative. The more I spoke with the Cam, the clearer this became.

MJ by VAMEE™️: The piece is 3ft x 4ft . It’s based with gesso; acrylic on canvas

When I asked Cam how he got into art, he took me back to his childhood. Before Cam could even read, he already had a favorite book. It was an art book he got from a book fair in elementary school. Before he could even read, he was already processing the art styles of some of the art greats by the likes of George Condo, Basquiat, Warhol, Francis Bacon. He immersed himself in the vibrant colors, figures, and shapes in that book.

Spidermane by VAMEEE™️: The piece is 3ft x 4ft . It’s based with gesso; acrylic on canvas

What else would a kid who could probably tell you his favorite Basquiat piece at the age of 5 end up doing after high school? Well he’d probably be pursuing art, and that’s what he did. Cam started VAMEEE™️ in 2017. He would draw every day after his day job, and post his work on Instagram. He continues sharing his work to this day, and long story short, he’s grown his audience into over 40,000 worldwide followers in the last five years.

I don’t mean to brush past his last five years, but as Cam would say “greatness takes time”. Cam tells me that he did feel pressure to “make it” when he first started VAMEEE™️, but if he ever waivered, he just fell back to what he was naturally great at. Art.

“This [art] is something I’ve been doing since I was kid and I genuinely love it. Once you stop worrying about trying to make it, it makes it easier. You start to kind of fly. You’re not stealing the sauce from nobody, you’re just working. It’s stress free. I knew I was going get there eventually, greatness takes time.”

Nowadays, Cam continues to grow as a creative. One of his favorite things about himself is his versatility as an artist. With painting, Cam experiments with acrylic and oil pastel. If Cam isn’t feeling painting, he plays around with digital art. If not digital art, then sculpting. If not sculpting, then clothing. As he tells me, “I love it all equally”. Of course Cam would say that, after all it’s the same brain of the 5 year old kid holding onto that favorite art book from the book fair.

One of the best things about Cam is that he’s not keeping all this information to himself. Anything he knows about art, he’s willing to share. The best materials to use, resources to reference, techniques, styles, ideas, anything. He’s an open book; he loves sharing his knowledge. As Cam will tell me at the end of our conversation, he wants to be remembered as the artist who helps artists.

“When I leave this earth, I hope there’s millions of little kids that started picking up a pencil other than picking up a gun or picking up drugs. Picking up a pencil and drawing to express their feelings on paper, rather than expressing themselves in negative ways.

I hope I help people think of a different route to take. Not everyone can play football or basketball or sing or be a scientist. Some people are just creative and that’s their thing. I want THAT to be my thing. The artist who helps artists, and to be one of the greatest to ever do it”.




  • This man is a genius and this is only the beginning, God got his hands on vxmee. Much love

    Terica -
  • Cam is my godson. I watched him come into this world. It was such a beautiful experience. In that instance I understood how great God actually was. Bringing a baby into the world is miraculous. Everything lines up, comes together and boom you get this genius, Cam. So very, very proud of him.

    Anita Holloway -
  • Very talented and wise young man, makes me proud. I know we will see many more great things from this artist!!!

    Demetrius Twine Sr. -
  • This happens to be my son, and it’s has been an honor to watch him grow.

    DeAndrea -

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